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. Islamic countries 0 0 years October Date America, Israel in the Middle East turmoil continued strategy to deliberately lose the ISIS Islamic State US forces deliberately lose in Islamic countries 0 date Sakai Tanaka Month, about thousands of troops of the Iraqi government forces the US military to guidance, in the Sunni city Ramadi in central Iraq, his et al., 0 thousand people about only not a fraction of the extremist terrorist organization [Islamic State] defeat fighting (ISIS), to rout, Ramadi fell to ISIS of hand. For the United States and Iraq, a big defeat since the Mosul fall of last year month. Iraqi forces to rout put a large amount of weapons such as armored vehicles cannon, all of them of weapons has become a thing of the ISIS. Ramadi is not separated only 0 km from the capital Baghdad. ISIS to continue eastward is plunged into crisis in Iraq. (Iraqi Troops Abandon US-Made Tanks, Artillery to ISIS in Ramadi Loss) (ISIS Overruns Iraqi Defenses East of Ramadi) (US-led coalition against ISIL has failed: Russia) During the defeat, the Iraqi army was equipped with the world's strongest of the US military.

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