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. Islamic countries 0 0 years October Date War on Terrorism or War on Terror In order to counter the 00 date to have occurred September 11 attacks, President Bush is including that it has carried out the invasion of Afghanistan is referred to as a 'war on terror], it was carried out mainly for the purpose to annihilate al-Qaeda war . Mainly a war of these United States indeed, may be referred to that of the anti-terrorism exercise on a global scale to be carried out in each country that agree with the United States claims at the same time as such. Invasion of Afghanistan a result, the United States drove the Afghanistan of the Taliban harboring al-Qaeda to destruction. This nominal and achievements, but was successful in attaching the support of the international community for Afghanistan attack, then either of successive terrorism (Bali bombings, the Moscow theater hostage crisis, etc.) the fight against terrorism by working effectively also the question of the rose (diffusion of terrorism). By further the United States as the second stage of the war on terror has embarked also in the Iraq war, suspicion and distrust of the international community has recruited further against the United States.

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