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. Islamic countries 0 0 years October Date 0 years in but the Dubai shock occurs, remarkable Dubai's economic growth in recent years. Rapidly grown into a major actor in the world economy in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, China, also significantly increase the capital investment from overseas, such as Japan, it has been developed as a further major hub cities of advancing the Middle East of Japanese companies. Currently Emirates Airlines Osaka - has been operating direct flights from Dubai, from the month this year, Narita - is serviced by direct flights from Dubai, is showing a further deepening aura economic exchanges with Japan. Is almost be a topic from an economic point of view Speaking of Dubai, it is not nearly that to hear the news from Japan of mass media on the international terrorism situation in the field. But if described from the point of view of international terrorism situation, Dubai will say that have many of the potential threat. Since the analysis itself of international terrorism is a matter of international security, here I want to explain about the potential threat of international terrorism in Dubai that can be read from the analysis results.

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