Middle East: opposition to the two of terrorism

. Islamic countries 0 0 years October Date One of the opposition to terrorism and the Middle East Organizations that alternative embody Listen to Jill veil Ash Cal The United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, will move the US embassy there, Donald Trump announced with, penetrate the Middle East, was supposed to yield a still further explosion of protest in excess of it. However, influence and power of Washington in the region, had been continued to fall because of a series of recession. Jill veil Ash Cal is a socialist who grew up in Lebanon, there are also a number of the author of the book. That he is, for the result that has passed through the recent deployment and one year of playing cards in the Middle East, we talked with Aranmasu. Bubba rhythm of the collision is still progress - the United States has been targeted mainly focus on defeating the [Iraq and Syria of Islamic countries] (ISIS). And it is, with the attack to drive out ISIS from their main bases in both countries, it seems to have been achieved to a large extent.

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