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. Islamic countries 0 0 years October Date tell me! About Naoko teacher Islamic State (ISIS / ISIL), or will the people of the Middle East is how to accept? By the Japanese hostage crisis, the Middle East to gather more and more attention. This time, the Middle East expert of Naoko teacher with experience of living in Jordan, approaches to the identity of the Islamic countries that shook the world (ISIS / ISIL). Of this [Islamic State (ISIS / ISIL, following [ISIS] and notation)] by later discovered Japanese hostage incident, I received a similar question from many people. At too difficult a question, I have had a head. Of course, since it is not also far from uniform people of the Middle East, people are attracted to ISIS also in the Middle East people, I would like to consider what kind of people are. Although I have read a variety of materials in order to respond to this question, was the impressive, investigation of advocates from foreign ISIS to, such as was to have been very carefully done. First to introduce the findings on supporters from abroad, are you help people to ISIS in the Middle East countries, while explaining about which country of what, I would like to consider this question.

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